Iranian Medical Library & Information Science Association (IMLISA) is a scientific institution that represents the medical library and information community and its related processes in educational and research centers, libraries and medical science documentation centers as well as librarians, professionals and students.

Historically, IMLISA initiated its activities in Iran in 1994 aiming at the development activities related to medical library and information science. The initiation continued its activities until 2009. After dissolution, IMLISA was allowed to resume its activities by virtue of the enactment in the two hundred and first session of the Scientific Commission of the Medical Group Associations in 1400. The new period of IMLISA began based on the license number 1662 dated June 25, 1401.

Founding Board:

  • Dr. Sirous Panahi – Iran University of Medical Sciences
  • Dr. Shahram Sedghi – Iran University of Medical Sciences
  • Dr. Vahideh Zarezadeh Gavgani – Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
  • Dr. Saeedeh Valizadeh Haghi – Shahid Beheshti University of Sciences
  • Mr. Ahmad Papi – Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
  • Dr. Reza Basirian Jahromi – Bushehr University of Medical Sciences