The Marketing Committee of Iranian Medical Library & Information Science Association
آقاي جليل قاني دهکردي

Chairman of the committee: Jalil Qani Dehkordi

Master’s Degree in Medical Librarianship and Information Science

Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences

Board representative: Dr. Masoud Mohammadi

Vice Chairman: Dr. Abolfazl Taheri – Shiraz University of Medical Sciences


Committee Members:

  • Dr. Reza Basirian (Boushehr University of Medical Sciences)
  • Dr. Zahra Safaei (Boushehr University of Medical Sciences)
  • Somayeh Nadi Ravandi (Kashan University of Medical Sciences)
  • Zahra Batouli (Kashan University of Medical Sciences)
  • Abouzar Ramezani (Guilan University of Medical Sciences)
  • Zeynab Bagheri (Shahrekurd University of Medical Sciences)
  • Farzaneh Hematian (Shahrekurd University of Medical Sciences)
  • Marziye Tahmasebi (Shahrekurd Social Security Organization)
  • Omolbanin Amiri (Birjand University of Medical Sciences)
  • Sare Akbari (Isfahan University of Medical Sciences)
  • Alo Ouchi (Iran University of Medical Sciences)
  • Maryam Taheri (Payame Noor University)
  • Kiandokht Saadatifar (Boushehr University of Medical Sciences)
  • Paria Amiri (Abadan University of Medical Sciences)
  • Dariush Gholipour (Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences)
Marketing Committee Purpose & Responsibilities

The Marketing Committee of the Iranian Medical Library and Information Association, considering the current economic conditions, is a necessary committee to carry out strategic communications and a marketing plan to promote the association’s mission, vision, values ​​, and important news regarding membership, publications, education, research, volunteer activities, and events, develops and implements fundraising, and other matters. The committee is also responsible for developing the best evidence-based informational content for presentation and marketing to relevant stakeholders. In addition, this committee, in cooperation with the education committee, can be in charge of holding MBA courses in the field of health for stakeholders and audiences. The main goal of the marketing committee is to target and develop the business market capacities of the library and medical information association to commercialize the contents based on the best evidence and finally to brand the association among its competitors.

  1. The growth and development of the activities of the association to be known among potential customers, expand the target markets and create value
  2. Designing and developing customer-oriented marketing activities for continuous improvement and sustainable presence in today’s competitive markets
  3. Implementation and development of new marketing strategies by developing short-term and long-term plans
  4. Facilitate and promote participation to increase membership value, benefits, and satisfaction
  5. Choosing and evaluating the strategy of determining the brand position of the association
  6. Providing innovative ideas for content marketing and content commercialization
  7. Designing and developing value-oriented and product-oriented marketing activities of the association
  8. Providing services and the effective role of the association in the target market using advertising and through appropriate media channels
  9. Helping to promote and create value from the products of the association to achieve a superior mark
  10. Effective communication and exchange of cooperation with other institutions, organizations, companies, and equal associations, to familiarize them with the capacities of the library community and market the skills of medical librarians.
  11. Creating shared value between the library and medical information community and stakeholders and audiences
  12. Providing quarterly and annual performance reports by the operational plan
  13. Cooperation with other specialized committees of the association in the implementation of processes related to the goals and duties of the marketing committee.