The International Relations Committee of Iranian Medical Library & Information Science Association
دکتر نادر عاليشان کرمي

Chairman of the committee: Dr. Nader Alishan Karmi

Assistant Professor of Librarianship and Information Science

Department of Health Information Technology, Faculty of Paramedicine

Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences

Board representative:  Dr. Fatemeh Sheikh Shoai

vice chairman: Motahareh Aghashahi (Iran University of Medical Sciences)


Committee Members:

  • Dr. Hassan Siamian (Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences)
  • Dr. Azadeh Al Taha (Iran University of Medical Sciences)
  • Shabnam Danaei (Iran University of Medical Sciences)
  • Razieh Norouzi (Iran University of Medical Sciences)
  • Maryam Taheri (Payam Noor University of Mashhad)
  • Afsaneh Sadat Makkeh (Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences)
  • Dr. Shahrazad Gholami (Qazvin University of Medical Sciences)
International Relations Committee Purpose & Responsibilities

The International Relations Committee of Iranian Medical Library & Information Science Association is one of the executive committees of the aforementioned association, which defines all its duties and activities in the form of the goals and plans of the board of directors of the association as follows:

  1. Collecting and informing international news on issues related to the activities of associations and institutions and educational, research, and professional institutions, study opportunities, and various international awards and grants.
  2. Managing the translation of documents and documents related to the field of activities of the Iranian Medical Information and Library Association
  3. Development of cooperation and international scientific communication of Iran Medical Library and Information Society
  4. Creating, maintaining, and developing a database of domestic and foreign educational, research, and professional programs and events in cooperation with the association committees and other related centers.
  5. Creating, maintaining, and developing a database of associations, organizations, and individuals effective in educational, research, and professional cooperation at the international level
  6. Managing the conclusion of memorandums and contracts for international cooperation of the association
  7. Cooperation in organizing webinars, seminars, and international meetings of the association with other committees
  8. Providing quarterly and annual performance reports by the operational plan
  9. Cooperation with other specialized committees of the association in the implementation of processes related to the goals and duties of the international relations committee