The Publications Committee of Iranian Medical Library & Information Science Association
دکتر حسین دهداری راد

Chairman of the committee: Dr. Hossein Dehdari Rad

Assistant Professor of Medical Librarianship and Information Science

Medical Library and Information Science Department, Faculty of Paramedicine

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Board Representative: Dr. Ali Hossein Ghasemi

Vice Chairman: Mohammad Javad Mansourzadeh Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Secretary: Mohammad Ahmadian – Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Committee Members:

  • Dr. Firoozeh Zare Farashbandi (Faculty of Medical Sciences, Isfahan)
  • Dr. Prastoo Parsaei (Faculty of Medical Sciences, Ahvaz)
  • Dr. Maryam Sadat Razmgir (Faculty of Medical Sciences, Iran)
  • Dr. Fatemeh Sadeghi-Ghiyasi (Faculty of Medical Sciences, Tabriz)
  • Dr. Azita Shahraki Mohammadi (Faculty of Medical Sciences, Zahedan)
  • Faezeh Amini (Isfahan University of Medical Sciences)
  • Zahra Kashefi (Isfahan University of Medical Sciences)
  • Dr. Zahra Rostami (Iran University of Medical Sciences)
  • Masoumeh Khalil Arjmandi (Department of Research and Technology of Iran’s Ministry of Health)
  • Somayeh Ghaffari (Iran University of Medical Sciences)
  • Amolbanin Amiri (Birjand University of Medical Sciences)
Publications Committee Purpose & Responsibilities

The Publications Committee of Iranian Medical Library & Information Science Association has been established to monitor and evaluate publications in the medical library and information field. To achieve these goals, the publication committee is trying to expand its activities by publishing scientific research, electronic scientific news publications, publishing books related to the association’s activities, and topics needed in librarianship and medical information based on needs assessments and holding meetings. Follow book reviews and also reviews of scientific articles in related fields. Also, this committee communicates with other committees such as the education, research, and public relations committee, in addition to communicating with the members of the examination board, planning and evaluating the field of librarianship and medical information, as well as the center for the development and coordination of information and scientific publications of the program. will follow his own.

  1. Needs assessment regarding the publications and reference sources required for the field of medical librarianship and information
  2. Dissemination of scientific and educational resources and content in the fields related to librarianship and medical information
  3. Holding book review sessions and scientific articles in related fields
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of publications related to the field of medical librarianship and information (preparation of monitoring and evaluation agreements for the publication of field resources)
  5. Publication of scientific research and scientific-news electronic publications of the association
  6. Publication of association books (publication of association annual conference reports, specialized meetings, and other related matters)
  7. Translation and publication of selected works related to librarianship and medical information
  8. Publication of instructions, policies, and manuals prepared by other committees of the association
  9. Action to edit the resources and contents published by the forum
  10. Estimating the necessary budget proposal for publishing activities of the association
  11. Providing quarterly and annual performance reports by the operational plan
  12. Cooperation with other specialized committees of the association in the implementation of processes related to the goals and duties of the publication committee